Nurturing Singers, Cultivating Performers

At The Vocal Connection, Kristy Hunter brings over 25 years of vocal training, directing, and performing experience. Here, singing lessons go beyond vocal technique to build confidence and cultivate true performers.

Kristy's musical journey began in 1993 with private voice lessons, igniting a lifelong passion that has led her through various teachers and styles, creating extraordinary memories along the way.

With expertise in Speech Level Singing, Estill Voice Training, and Modern Vocal Pedagogy, Kristy teaches healthy singing techniques across all styles, including Pop, Broadway, Belt, Country, and Classical.

As a recreational therapist and breakthrough facilitator, Kristy empowers students to let go of limiting beliefs, own their voices, and connect to their true emotions and unique sound.

Join us at The Vocal Connection and discover the transformative power of your voice with Kristy Hunter.


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Preferred slots go fast! Note there are certain weeks that I am out of town with my family or with Center Stage Youth Performers where I am a director. My calendar will reflect those weeks as not available.

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8 Sessions: $35 each ($280 total)

12 Sessions: $30 each ($360 total, Best Value!)

Sessions are 30 minutes long, perfect for vocal coaching, audition prep, songwriting, or therapeutic vocal sessions (Therapeutic Vocal Sessions are 1 hour and count as 2 sessions)


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Kristy changed my life! The confidence she helped me gain through voice lessons has not only helped me improve vocally but has translated in to many other areas of my life. Kristy's knowledge of technique and vocal physiology is incredible! She taught me so many different ways to manipulate the sound through various adjustments that helped with the tone and placement. She truly is amazing!

Lindsey Neumann

Voice Student

If you want to get out of your comfort zone, learn real vocal techniques, and have fun while singing, there’s no better teacher than Kristy! In the few years that I’ve worked with her, she’s taught me so much about my own voice. With Kristy I get a wonderful mix of instruction that includes positive feedback, examples, and explanations of techniques right down to the very anatomy of it. Kristy has helped me understand my voice more than I think any other voice teacher could, and with her help I’ve been able to expand my range by leaps and bounds. She is also just an amazing and supportive human being, and I can think of nobody better to take lessons from!

Asher B. Richardson

Voice Student

My 8 year old daughter Gwendolyn loves music and loves to sing but was really struggling with matching pitch. My daughter can be very shy, and Kristy was able to make her feel comfortable from the very first lesson.

I am so impressed by how much progress she has made!  Not only has my daughter’s pitch improved, but her self confidence has also grown tremendously!  Kristy is an amazing voice instructor that I would highly recommend!

Helyn Nelson


Over the course of taking voice lessons with Kristy, I have formed a greater understanding of both what my voice can do, and how it works. I have gained much more confidence with my voice and my ability. I learn so much every lesson! I am very grateful for Kristy and all that she has taught me. Her lessons have truly strengthened my confidence and love of singing, as well as music in general! No matter what style of music, Kristy has so many amazing tips and tricks of how to get your voice feeling comfortable and sounding the best.

Elise Golightly

Voice Student

Kristy never skips a beat when it comes to making you sound amazing! I had trouble getting out of my shell but she met me right where I was at with the coolest techniques to turn my voice from timid to terrific!

Kristy is a fabulous audition coach and helps with both vocal auditions and monologues. It helps so much to have her guide me through the steps to making my audition incredible.

Abigail Loch

Voice Student

One of Kristy's most remarkable qualities is her ability to connect with the kids on a personal level. She goes beyond the technical aspects of musical direction and vocal training, taking the time to understand each child's unique strengths and challenges. This personalized approach not only enhances the learning experience but also fosters a sense of trust and camaraderie, creating a safe space for our young performers to explore and express themselves. It's evident that she sees each participant not just as a student, but as an individual with unlimited potential waiting to be unlocked.

Lori Sanders

Center Stage Director


What payment methods do you accept for lessons?

We accept a variety of payment methods to make your experience convenient. You can pay using venmo, cash, or major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, with a stripe link.

Do you offer performance opportunities?

At the end of each semester we have a recital. Sometimes this is at a local church and sometimes I am able to schedule a performance at a local retirement center or with a festival like Eagle Mountain City Days, or Festival of Trees. These performance opportunities are optional but encouraged.

Do you offer make-up lessons?

Each Semester has a set number of lessons that will be paid for. If you can not attend one of your scheduled sessions you can have the choice to send in a video or attend on one of my makeup Saturday sessions that I hold 1 x a month. If you purchase a 10 or 20 lesson bundle and know at the beginning of the semester that you will be missing specific weeks you will not have to pay for those missed lessons if 1. You allow me to fill those weeks with a-la-cart students and 2. You extend unused lessons to the next semester or come to a makeup day.

What are your prices?

Private Lessons:

1x1 Voice Coaching 30 Minutes = $40 (a-la-cart - Paid each time)

1X1 Voice Coaching 60 Minutes = $75 (a-la-cart - Paid each time)

Session bundles must be used within 6 months of purchase or they are forfeited.

4 Lesson Bundle (30 minute sessions) = $148 (Paid in full)

8 Lesson bundle (30 minutes sessions) = $280 (Paid in full)

12 Lesson Bundle (30 minute sessions) = $360 (Paid in full)

Group Lessons:

Understanding The Voice Live Zoom Course = $197 (7 week Course)

Understanding The Voice Recorded Zoom Course with Marco Polo Support = $97 (7 Week Course)

Awesome Audition Secrets Live Group Zoom Course (3 weeks = $77)

Awesome Audition Secrets Recorded Zoom Course with Marco Polo Coaching Support = $57 (3 Weeks)

Awesome Audition Secrets Course - Just videos $37 Instant (coming soon)

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My name is Kristy Hunter and I am known as The Therapeutic Vocal Coach. My super power is helping people find their confidence and power and learn to OWN their voice. I work beginner vocalists to advanced. This confidence and power allows them to share their true selves and impacts their lives much further than just the stage.

I am a Recreational Therapist with in emphasis in Music and Drama Therapies, and a minor in Psychology I graduated from Brigham Young University in 2001. I have had 20+ years of private voice lesson training. I am a songwriter and concert keynote speaker. My original songs can be found on all streaming channels including Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

I am the creator of the Vocal Connection Vocal Academy, teaching in-person and online. I have been the Musical Director for over a dozen youth theater productions at local elementary schools and with Center Stage Youth Performers. Each year I work with over 200 kids on show productions. Audition Coaching is one of my specialties. Many of my students are successful with their auditions and are cast in lead roles and many audition only programs. All of my students gain confidence and belief in themselves as their abilities grow.

In the last 5 years I have worked with world renowned coaches Per Bristow, Tom Burke, Matilda Lindell, and Chery Porter and participated in their online platforms and mentorships to continue to improve my teaching. I believe you can never stop learning. I love Estill Voice Training and teaching the Anatomy and physiology of the voice along with technique.

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